Friday night in AC

After I wandered out of the concert drunk off my ass, here is the text conversation over the next hour between me and the wife:

K:  r u done?

Me:  Gamcbjjio

K:  r u done???

K:  Where r u now?

Me:  Crapsbmn ercala06r

K:  u have all the cash ok

Me:  Im like waz fucked up

K:  did u lose $$?

Me:  yeah..bad lick…take what u want

K:  I miss you baby

Me:  ok im seepins withdraw.what.u.need 

  It’s amazing I only lost $235 and didn’t wind up in jail. 


3 responses to “Friday night in AC

  1. LOL

    I’ve had nights like that, but in reverse. My wife was the one wasted. I had to tell her stop reaching across the table to touch the Dealer’s hands, when she was trying to thank him for a good hand. Eeessshh. It was all I could do to keep the Pit Boss from calling the goons over. Luckily we only gamble at the Casino we stay at, we are totally comped there, and the Hotel is run by a good friend of ours. 🙂

    That helps.

    Luckily, it takes a couple of hours to get to AC from Howard Beach, so we don’t go all that often. Although, at one time, we were there every other weekend.

  2. Actually, my wife goes with the ladies, and she usually comes back a big winner. When she’s on a winning streak, she’s usually good for about $15 Grand within a month or so, a nice little cushion of mad money. 😉

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