Sick, sick, sick!

It’s the end of February and my wife, my daughter, and I have all had the same cough, the same cold, and the same general oogieness passed around at least twice.  They’re on round 3, mine is sure to come shortly.  It’s ridiculous.   Shouldn’t it be one and done???  In any case it’s getting old.  Especially since sick babies are the worst. 

She can’t sleep because she’s so full of snot.  When she does sleep, it’s not long until she’s awake and crying with snot all over her face.  The other night she slept half the night on my wife’s chest and the other half on mine.  That seemed to at least let her get an hour at a time.  Poor little monster 😦  She must be so tired of being sick. Not a year into this world and already 3 colds for the worse.  I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.


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