A new challenge…

I have taken off this blog for awhile.  Life gets in the way very often, but suffice it to say things are very different for me now.  I have a much better job, a 2 year old, and I recently completed a fitness/weight loss program called “Power 90” which has helped me immensely.  I went from 232 lbs t0 199 lbs, down a pant and shirt size, and have increased my energy level tenfold.  I have unwisely taken more than a month off from this.  My hope is to start the next level, P90X, at the beginning of September.

This blog will be come a daily fitness journal hopefully complete with photos and video to document my journey.

Wish me luck!


Work Dreams

I haven’t had one of these in a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.  To make things worse, I’ve NEVER had one about being fired.  Glad to know my subconscious is soaking this wonderful gig all in.

Is it time for a career change (again)?

Friday night in AC

After I wandered out of the concert drunk off my ass, here is the text conversation over the next hour between me and the wife:

K:  r u done?

Me:  Gamcbjjio

K:  r u done???

K:  Where r u now?

Me:  Crapsbmn ercala06r

K:  u have all the cash ok

Me:  Im like waz fucked up

K:  did u lose $$?

Me:  yeah..bad lick…take what u want

K:  I miss you baby

Me:  ok im seepins withdraw.what.u.need 

  It’s amazing I only lost $235 and didn’t wind up in jail. 

You have to wake up in 3 hours? So sorry…


Sleep?  Wait, you want me to sleep?  Umm….I don’t think so.  The tongue sticking out just ices the cake.  Sigh.  How can I be mad at that face?

PKU (I see you….)

Mom goes into labor.  Mom and Dad go to hospital.  Mom has baby, all are well, birth was a routine one.  Baby comes home.  Baby is more wonderful than either parent could hope.  1 week passes in relative bliss.  Letter from state arrives:  YOUR CHILD’S NEWBORN SCREENING SHOWED EVIDENCE OF A METABOLIC DISORDER KNOWN AS PKU.  A COPY OF THIS LETTER HAS BEEN SENT TO YOUR DOCTOR.  PLEASE CONTACT YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY.  Pamphlet attatched:  PKU is a metabolic disorder in which the body cannot process a certain protein.  If said protein builds up in the bloodstream SEVERE brain damage will occur.  Not may, WILL. 

No more information.

At this point I must curse the internet and the state of New Jersey for the bounty of information available (the former) and the complete lack of detail and information provided (the latter).  As you can imagine we were frantic.  According to anything I could get my eyes on, time was of the essence.  Each passing week could be the literal difference of IQ points slipping away.  Each month passed untreated could be destructive, each year catastrophic.   Our doctor was instructed to test again via the state’s lab (I was not pleased).  1 more week went by and the levels were confirmed.  We were referred to a local hospital for genetic counseling.

Fortunately this is where the story gets better;  the staff at the hospital were (and have been) fantastic.  As it turns out, she has the most benign version of this disorder which will require monitoring, but little if any dietary treatment.  We had a scare recently as her levels spiked shortly after she started on solid foods.  The second test showed things back to normal.

Leila, if you choose to be a vegetarian, I am behind you 100%.  Now that you have the option however, I look forward to sharing your first hamburger with you 🙂

My heart is mush…

As a single person, (or married w/o children), you just kind of smile and nod when parents say those cheesy things about their children.  You politely choke back your vomit and try to look like you understand.

To say that all changes when you have children of your own doesn’t scratch the surface.  The instant love, the constant awe, the adoring eyes…it’s all true.  That’s all so one-sided though…when the child is old enough to understand and attatch…well, that’s when you melt.

The other night when she was sick, she found comfort in sleeping on mommy.  Mommy needed some sleep so she slept with me for 4 hours.  Well, she slept.  She stirred every hour and cried a little, but she would just adjust her head and zonk back out on my chest.  I never imagined that 4 short hours would stir such a bond in me.

Today when I came home I took her on my lap and she grinned from ear to ear.  She stuck her thumb in her mouth and for the first time nuzzled my chest after a bashful smile and snuggled with me.  I hugged her back and kissed her head.   She sat back up, smiled, and nuzzled me again.

I will never forget this day as long as I live.

Sick, sick, sick!

It’s the end of February and my wife, my daughter, and I have all had the same cough, the same cold, and the same general oogieness passed around at least twice.  They’re on round 3, mine is sure to come shortly.  It’s ridiculous.   Shouldn’t it be one and done???  In any case it’s getting old.  Especially since sick babies are the worst. 

She can’t sleep because she’s so full of snot.  When she does sleep, it’s not long until she’s awake and crying with snot all over her face.  The other night she slept half the night on my wife’s chest and the other half on mine.  That seemed to at least let her get an hour at a time.  Poor little monster 😦  She must be so tired of being sick. Not a year into this world and already 3 colds for the worse.  I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.